CVSUME "A city of it's own"


"first battle of its kind"


          It’s the year 3010, unemployment is at 90%, enslavement of humans is at a higher rate than ever in history of mankind. To survive the wild, you must either join the mobs, the triads, the mbakas, the jihadists or the gangsters. It’s darkness allover the world, all power plants, road, industries and institutions were destroyed during the war between the humans and the AI’s that now control the world using the uncle SAM corporation.
But there is a myth about a place far far away in the Alasikian snow desert called “The gogle city ” where its believed that maps to the promised land ( where the power of machines and uncle SAM corporation have no control), where unemployment, poverty, suffering can be stopped.All routes, search tags have been hidden from the normal human eyes.
The promised land is called “CVSUME city, a city of it’s own. Nobody has ever reached this city in the current generation due to lack of maps and map reading skills. But it’s said that there is a man called(MOS) and his wife who are believed to have designed all the routes to the “CVSUME city”. If human survival is to be witnessed, MOS and his wife must be found first.
A team united together must embark on a long disastrous journey which nobody has ever survived, they must travel through the most unforgiving places on the planet, heavily guarded by the most sophisticated “ virusians”( an AI tribe known for it’s high desire to kill), high power anti human busters, hyper speed AI carriers all made by the corporation with one sole purpose, to orchestrate unemployment and enslave the entire human race . Each team member must leave their family behind without any hopes of ever seeing then again. But if the human race is to survive, sacrifices must be made otherwise unemployment will soon pack at 100% hence uncle SAM achieving having long desired plan to (enslave the human race). Before humans embark on the journey to the Alasikian snow deserts, they must find the couple first (MOS and his wife) because of their knowledge about the “CVSUME city” and it’s believed that who find the “couple” first, stands a greater chance of controlling the world all at once. According to the legends, the couple not only designed the “CVSUME city” routes, they are also experts in route operations of the “gogle city”.
He killed everyone who knew his name and they nicknamed him “MOS”(missing operating system) due to the fact that he has never at once used any electronic device with an operating system .They both don’t know each others names him and his wife.(He just calls her G)for genius,that’s one of the tactic they have deployed to survive(hidden identity).
If you ask their names! “the next thing is a box for you!”. Because no one is to be trusted due to the fact that a lot of humans are on corporation’s payroll, all betraying their race for survival.The corporation has spent lots of money , searching every corner of the planet for one thing”the couple”. If the corporation is to enslave the entire human race, they must get the couple to forcibly show them the way to the “city of its own” (CVSUME).
Some were in the Khartoumian rain forests, a gentle man with rugged closes and a lady with intensity “using old, deserted and handcrafted equipment which cant be sabotaged by the corporation modern weapon systems “ are fighting the battle of it’s kind”battle of the two ” confronting the enemy(the corporation). According to the fatigue on their face, it looks like they have been fight for almost a month. A part from being route designers, the couple are both tacticians and theoreticians respectively hence having a wider knowledge of close quarters combat but very soon they will be out of equipment and will be captured because they are now surrounded in all directions with only the south remaining as the turning point if the is any.
Five from the mbakas(known for their tactics and roar on the battle field using the kebord fighting system ), seven from the mobs(masters of anti malbaware machines), five from the triads(geniuses in the ternet racing vehicles),jihadists(known for their knowledge of navigation and tracking skills using the NTWK navigation system called ipsys) and gangsters(good at smuggling and stealing using the hck system).
Using Intel gathered by the mobs, they alive at the battle field from the southern side on triad high speed driven vehicles, they join the battle to fight the enemy with the mbakas at the front due to the fighting abilities. After a day of intense combat, the corporation and it’s allies withdraw due to the fact that they are fighting an enemy who has got nothing to lose.
For how long have the been fighting. One of the mobs asks in Russian.
For three weeks and 5 days, G (MOS’s wife replied in Russian). Every body salutes them for the tactics used to hold search an enemy for a month.
A new myth will now be told to the coming generation of how the couple fought the enemy for one full month with minor weapons.
Celebrations and drinks a shared for the first battle won .

But Now It's The Beginning


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