“The foretold battles”

After all the celebrations, it was a very relaxed night, the moon showed up in the sky with very bright and sparkling natural beautiful  light, deep blue clouds surrounded it from east to west. The stars displayed their attractiveness on top of the clouds which indeed made it a very special night for everybody. All their eyes and mind were up in the sky, with love and fear on their faces, with thoughts of wonder: if something can be done so the every night is the same as this one: This gave them more courage and energy.
No son of man in their 30’s had ever witnessed at night such as this . Good night: “said G, wife to MOS”. Good night miss, all replied once. With fire surrounding the entire place to keep wild creatures off, she lied down on her husband’s laps and covered herself with a brown dirty hood from legs to the head.
Early in the morning, the sun rose from the east as usual, packing the necessity was the thought everybody had on their minds. Repairing of the damaged vehicles was done by the triads while chatting and making noise. Silence shot in for a while. Two routes to the sea: “said Abdul, the leader of the jihadists”. All eyes turned to look at him with a look of eager to know the details.

One will take us six months, it’s controlled by a kingdom not friendly to the mbakas.The second will take us three weeks, heavily guarded, spies everywhere, dangerous tribal territories and three corporation Intel black sites: “Added Abdul” in his late 30’s with a middle eastern classic style pairs of jeans and a white shirt standing on a cliff, facing the north with a black scarf in his neck. All eyes turned to the couple sited on a raged piece of a rock holding hands with signs of love and togetherness on their face, turned and looked at the seekers:”second choice is safer, they said”.
Jump on, jump on, ching (the leader of the triads) urged. This was a sign that everything is ready and they started carrying their belongings each and everyone.

It was getting hot for those not used to the situation as white clouds covered the sky in all directions. Beyond the clouds, 30000 feet from the ground a blue black camouflage drone with infrared systems is scanning the area and sending real time information direct to the headquarters.
At the northern shore of the Mediterranean ocean lies a heavy guarded fortress painted with black, blue and orange colors is the general command for all sea operations of the corporations. Inside this large compound, stand many different joint offices with guards in front of each: on the eastern side of the compound, a standalone sound and bullet proof office with white shatters, heavily guarded with choppers flying above it every five minutes is the sea operations commanders’ office.


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